Bogus information? I am glad James Butterfield (“Vaccination letter contains bogus information,” Nov. 8) admits that my recent letter, regarding the CDC and FDA’s treatment of Dr. Patricia Lee, is “deeply disquieting to say the least.”

I don’t think anyone can read that story without being deeply disturbed about the role of government health agencies neglecting a doctor’s reports of harm from COVID jabs. But then Mr. Butterfield dismisses my whole letter as “bogus,” though its authenticity can be easily checked.

Here’s the follow-up on Dr. Lee’s lawsuit that has developed in the meantime: 11 more medical doctors have filed lawsuits similar to Dr. Lee’s. The attorney representing them, Aaron Siri, writes: “Attached are 11 declarations from physicians across the country attesting to serious harms from Covid-19 vaccines. These physicians, like Dr. Lee, reached out to public health authorities at the CDC, FDA, and NIH for over ten months only to have their concerns dismissed or ignored.”

The full story is right here: I hope Mr. Butterfield is again deeply disquieted, maybe sufficiently this time to appeal to Congress to investigate whether our health agencies are here to serve big pharma or the public. Please forward this letter to your congressional representative and senators.