As the vaccine implementation continues and the U.S. government increases its support to get vaccines out faster, people are eager to become vaccinated. And while we wait, it’s important to remember that vaccinating at least 70 percent of the American population is not an easy process. It will take time and immense coordination. And our health care system is working to make, deliver and inject vaccine doses swiftly.

In normal times, we often take for granted medications and pharmaceutical supplies being readily available at our hospitals and pharmacies. Most don’t realize what goes into the safe and timely delivery of medications. And for medications as temperamental and important as the coronavirus vaccines, it’s even more difficult.

The U.S. healthcare supply chain is incredibly sophisticated, and there are little known entities that coordinate and hold it together — health care distributors. These logistics companies work day and night to safely move products from manufacturers to administration sites and medical facilities. But it’s not just packing up boxes and bringing them from point A to point B, especially for vaccines.

The COVID-19 vaccine doses require significant attention, including temperature controlled facilities and trucks and special packaging, to ensure products are safely delivered for use. And that doesn’t even account for the coordination between the federal and state governments and health facilities that distributors are leading.

We all want to be vaccinated soon, and with the help of distributors, we will be. I encourage everyone to wait their turn and have faith in our health care system.