Over the past two days, there has been an increase in the number of positive COVID cases in Keene. I believe there were 12 one day and 15 the next.

Keene is a college town; the university has many students who come here from other states. Now that there is a one-shot vaccine available, why is it not possible to protect the students and those around them from the virus?

The excuse given was that if they get the first shot, chances are they won’t be around to get the second one. For that matter, if they contract the virus while here, the people who work in the various stores and restaurants may not be here next year either.

We should look after these students as well as the rest of the population. Many of the younger folk think they are immune to the virus, that it doesn’t affect them as acutely as the rest of the population.

Let’s keep them safe to come back to Keene again.