Why is America ignoring a novel COVID-19 cure?

For more than two weeks, Israeli news sources have been hailing an inhalation therapy that was successful in helping 29 of 30 infected test subjects recover from COVID-19. Fabulous news, is it not? Yet the initial test results have been virtually ignored in both U.S. media and Washington. It is hard to fathom why.

Federal officials are promising a vaccination program that offer shots to all who want them within the next few months. Yet, more than 3,000 Americans are reported to have died of COVID-19 every day over just the past month and many tens of thousands more will likely die before all who want the vaccine receive it.

Why wouldn’t America jump on this Israeli medical innovation to save these lives while the national vaccination program proceeds? This makes no sense at all. How would you feel if a member of your family died of COVID-19 before the vaccination program rolls out, knowing that an effective treatment for infected patients already exists?

Whereas a vaccination program seeks to halt the epidemic by ultimately denying the virus suitable new targets, it will require hundreds of millions, if not billions, of vaccinations to achieve its desired goal. What possible reason is there to deny already infected patients a realistic hope of successful treatment in the interim?

Is our government so inflexible that it can’t work on both prevention and cure at the same time? I find this difficult to believe. Yet the American media and government seem oblivious to this new and important opportunity to save lives. Is the daily loss of more than 3,000 of our countrymen so minor a concern that we pass on a promising opportunity to save them? How can anyone accept this?