In a recent letter (“Letter writer in a deceptive crusade,” May 1) Ray Colburn stated a “democratic operative,” Chuck Weed (I was elected from Keene to the Legislature in 2000-14, as a county commissioner in 2014-20, and as a ward selectperson in 2019-20) is a ”purveyor of propaganda” and in a “deceptive crusade” to proselytize for mail in voting.

I am encouraging states to enable voting rights by mail, or “no-excuse absentee” voting, if we still have justifiable concerns about congregating to vote in person during the ongoing pandemic on Nov. 3, 2020. Many thousands of voters were disenfranchised in the April 7 Wisconsin primary because of state and federal Supreme Court Republican majorities who would not delay the primary or facilitate mail-in voting. U.S. democracy which needs to encourage all voters to participate, needs help and flexibility.

Colburn believes that mail-in voting is “fraudulent,” although he does not provide any evidence, and Trump himself votes by mail. There are examples of states who have long experience with mail in voting like Colorado, with recent election results that show Republicans can be successful. Although Drumpf has, ”off script,” stated that the Republicans would never win future elections with greater turnout, it is more likely, though, as Barry Burden, a voting expert at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, put it, “his attitude reflects ‘a knee-jerk reaction to expanding voter opportunities.’ The two parties have spent decades battling over voting procedures, with Republicans often suspicious of efforts to make voting easier, fearful of Democrats trying to empower young people and people of color. In theory, Trump has grown so accustomed to associating voter access with Democratic turnout that he leapt to the conclusion that mail-in voting falls into that category.”

Beware claims, especially from Drumpf cultists, about disputed issues that are not backed by evidence. The sooner we return to a scientific approach to “the truth,” we will be better able to meet and respond to the difficult future facing the U.S. and the world.


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