My vote is very important to me. If a candidate wants my vote, he or she must earn it. Tulsi Gabbard has earned my vote. I believe she is leader who is capable of making hard and unpopular decisions based on the common good; not based on her own political or personal gain. No false campaign promises.

The only obligation I have when it comes to voting to is to vote for the person that is a leader. For me when it comes to true leadership, there are no adjectives such as electability, gender, race, religion, etc.

When we speak of people such as Abe, Teddy, Eleanor or Martin, very few people see title, race, age, gender or religion. They just see exceptional leaders.

Exceptional leaders like JFK, that made us understand that we could be better people, we could make the world a better place.

In Tulsi I see a person of outstanding character, a visionary, a realist with many of the traits and strengths necessary to become an exceptional leader; a leader who we would be proud to work with and for.

Tulsi understand that when you make a mistake you don’t double down and compound those mistakes.

There is no victory around the corner in Afghanistan. Each month, we waste billions that could be used to improve our infrastructure. Instead tens of thousands of people die each year from opium from Afghanistan.

She understands that the average American isn’t benefiting from the strongest economy in 50 years. Banks make billions while retirees are lucky to get 1 percent on their saving. The Federal Reserve loans money at 2 percent while the average credit cards charge 21 percent.

Tulsi understand the importance of looking for all the unintended consequences of every decisions. Exceptional leaders prevent crises. We have had enough of reactive leadership.


58 Grove St.