Neighbors that don’t wave annoy me. They walk or drive by and act like I’m a potted plant. I know they know who I am. I’m sitting in front of my house for pity’s sake.

I mean, I’m not asking they genuflect; all they got to do is raise their hand, and wiggle their fingers. Saying hello or smiling is probably a heavy lift, I know.

Why does this matter? Community. Acknowledging my existence and I acknowledge yours in return should make us both feel good, no? I have waved first and the recipient doesn’t wave back. Hey! I got feelings too, you know?

If you’re worried about looking silly — try waving in front of a mirror before you go public. Drive to another state where nobody knows you, and wave at strangers. You might stay away from playgrounds though.

Take a video and post on Facebook. See what fun you can have? Who knows? Three months from now you may even be smiling.



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