What happens when mainstream history — the historical truth the majority is exposed to — is a lie? Is it possible for citizens, molded by those institutionalized lies, to make accurate decisions about the state of their nation or the world?

Of course not!

I bring this up because we are nearing an important historical anniversary: Nov. 22. It’s the day in 1963 when President John F. Kennedy was murdered in the streets of Dallas, Texas. A day that lives in infamy, not only because of the tragic act, but because the conspiracy behind that crime was systematically covered up by the government, the media and many in academia.

Truth matters. Historical falsehoods cast long shadows. The consequences of the JFK murder conspiracy, and the coverup that followed, was more far-reaching than most imagine. It led directly to the death of an innocent patriot, Lee Harvey Oswald, a contract agent with the FBI and CIA who was blamed for the crime. It led to the Vietnam War and the millions of lives extinguished there; it led to a 36 year continuation of the Cold War, and the mayhem and injustice connected with that. It led to the deaths of a number of innocent witnesses and crime investigators in Dallas. It led to the election of at least two criminal presidents (Lyndon Johnson and Richard Nixon). And, the Kennedy assassination led to the assassinations of Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy as well.

This is not hyperbole, opinion or madness: it is historical fact. Yet, these facts will never be validated on mainstream media. That might inflame the people and destroy the thin veneer of trust the public has in our thoroughly corrupt political system.

The true history of the Kennedy assassination is available to anyone with the curiosity and resolve to find it. Accurate accounts may be found in the following books: “Crossfire,” by Jim Marrs and “The Man Who Killed Kennedy,” by Roger Stone. An overview may be found in Oliver Stone’s fine feature movie “JFK,” available in local libraries. “The Men Who Killed Kennedy,” on YouTube is an excellent 9 part series. (Watch the first and last episodes if you’re pressed for time.) Do not go to your graves unknowing.

Honor JFK by finding the truth about the conspiracy that led to his murder, and the coverup that followed!


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