OK, folks. Trump lied about the danger of COVID-19 in February and March, later neglected taking a national stance to combat it, and now acts as if COVID doesn’t exist. 200,000 dead — the ghosts in the living room of this presidency. Now, Trump doesn’t have to “shake hands with those people.” Why not wear a jacket like Melania’s, “I don’t care, do you?”

Trump says once Obamacare (Affordable Care Act) is gone, by Supreme Court decision in November he hopes, he will enact a “big, beautiful, health care that covers pre-existing conditions, etc., etc.” by executive order. Really? Not how it’s done. The Legislature, Senate and House pass laws, not the president. The Legislature is silent on this issue. After four years and over 25,000 taped lies, you think Trump gives a rat’s patootie about health care for “those people?”

How about the right to assemble, to protest? Oops! Brings out the unmarked vehicles full of storm troopers. Any plans to deal with police shootings? Nope. A vaccine for COVID-19? Only if it arrives before election day. Afterward, likely not a peep from the White House occupant, except to destroy the CDC.

Why no plans, no Republican platform? Aren’t plans needed to capture votes? Nope. Why? Because Trump plans to be president until death parts him from it.

The Master Plan: 1. Complain for four years about voter fraud and mail-in ballots. 2. Manipulate the swing state Legislatures into choosing only Trump delegates for the electoral college because the election was rigged, votes fraudulent — a hoax! (He can. Constitution says states can select electoral college delegates in any fashion.) 3. Push a conservative Supreme Court justice onto the bench immediately. 4. When the Trump-compliant states are sued by organizations including the DNC, for upholding his ridiculous claims of election fraud, well, where will the cases end up? In the Supreme Court. BINGO! 5. The court will vote that Donald Trump wins for four more years!

By 2024, there will be no one challenging his autocracy. The USA will align with Russia and other dictatorships, Putin will be a fixture at the White House, and pesky elections will be banished.

Will fear of “hard left” ideology or fealty to other issues make us trade our comfortable, unruly, honor-based democracy for a Trump dictatorship? Other things can wait. First, Vote Trump Out!


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