“Watch what they do, not what they say.” — Rachel Maddow

“A failed coup becomes a training exercise.” — Ari Melber

“The people get the government they deserve.” — unknown

“I could shoot someone on 5th Ave and nothing would happen to me.” — Donald J. Trump, 2015

All apply to Jan. 6, 2021, the five years preceding, and the six weeks following.

The failed coup and the shooting parts became true, all on the same day, Jan. 6, 2021, when DJT killed five people in the Capitol Building using a white-supremacist mob.

This group consisted of QAnon, conspiracy theory believers who worship him as their messiah against deep-state cannibalistic Democratic pedophiles; Proud Boys, labeled by Canada as a terrorist organization; Oath Keepers, a group filled with former military/law enforcement personnel; another group called 3%ers; and a collection of loners wearing horns and furs, T-shirts proclaiming “6MWE” (6 million wasn’t enough, referring to Jewish deaths in the Holocaust), and “Camp Auschwitz.”

There is no reason to re-hash all DJT has done; Jan. 6 is self-evident and it and everything else is available on audio, video, and in books — DJT’s actions and his words.

We must understand that DJT is now taking a victory lap. He has complete license to do anything! And he will.

By not convicting him, our government has failed miserably.

We can expect violent rallies and similar attacks on any state or federal government building and/or employees, elected or civil servants, who do not toe DJT’s loyalty line.

State GOP party officials have already fallen in line, censuring senators (Cassidy, R-La.) and representatives (Cheney, R-Mont.) who voted for impeachment and conviction.

Unless 74 million people acquire critical thinking and enlightenment regarding personal accountability and causal relationships, America is in for a harrowing road similar to Germany 1933-1945.

We all know the government the German people got under Hitler. They didn’t deserve it, but they earned it.

Will we earn it also as we continue pandering to DJT?