A word to the media about President Trump’s positive test for COVID. The nation does not need minute-by-minute daily reports about his status. If he gets significantly ill, we’ll hear about it. He’ll tweet from his sickbed, you can be sure.

Trump has not offered any plans different from his last campaign, except now he promises insurance for those with pre-existing conditions. No plan how to do that since his administration is in court trying to do away with the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

Mexico is not paying for a wall; we are. After 3½ years in office with a Republican-controlled Senate, there is no health insurance plan in view to take the place of the ACA, which has worked as it was promised.

Leadership from the White House to address the pandemic has been sorrowfully absent. He minimized the seriousness of the virus to “reduce panic,” however he did nothing, quietly, behind the scenes to prepare the country.

This virus that Trump considers a hoax should not be allowed to prevent the airing of Joe Biden’s plans to govern. The air should be cleared for at least two weeks of egotistical bullying.


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