To Keene: Explaining things to children is tedious, but here goes:

The president and his economy ensure four more years. Attempts to slash the tires on his presidency are transparent to reasonable minds and the squid-eyed Adam Schiff is regarded by most as more resembling that creepy guy that hangs around school yards than a savior of your favorite political party. Prepare yourselves to contain your disappointment in 2020.

You fell all over yourselves voting for Barack Obama in 2008 and again in 2012. Obama was a concocted academic fraud with a sealed past locked in litigated subterfuge by lawyers and judges long before he ever declared his intentions to run for the presidency. Obama was a perfect “fairy dust” candidate served up to a local population hungry for a Peter Pan of politic correctness.

Then, like bumpkins rushing a snake-oil wagon, you overran the polls voting for Hillary Clinton, probably the most corrupted candidate ever to run for the office. Despite Clinton’s role in the slaughter of four State Department and CIA employees in Benghazi, your hordes flocked to put her in the White House. You swallowed her video ruse hook, line and sinker. You seemed to have forgotten the gangland-style early retirement of her alleged problematic paramour, Vince Foster. After all, she was going to be the first woman president.

The rest of the country rejected Clinton and came to their senses but the machinery of the deep state and the depraved, partisan malfeasance of national security agencies swung into action to scare you with a monster because monsters are always a good way to control kids with fear. Secret accusers now take the stage to tell monstrous tales. Trump is presented as a Godzilla of the unwashed and uneducated. It’s like the aliens against Santa Claus!

The flaccid collapse of the Mueller report portends another win for Trump in 2020. Impeachment will fail and all the giddy true believers that were left with nothing but a grab bag containing the confederate Cracker Jacks-box birth certificate of Barack Obama and 33,000 destroyed emails from their fairy princess will see history repeat itself.

When the sun rises on the 2020 presidential election, Keene denizens hiding under their beds from Russians, will emerge again as proud owners of the Brooklyn Bridge. Trump is wrong; we never get tired of winning.


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