I’ve been a bit of a political junkie since JFK was elected and I was inspired by his speeches. That was the first time I started to realize the huge gap between someone’s vision and what can really be accomplished in office.

When you get a politician who gets into office and is actually able to get some of his or her vision in place as legislation, it’s an amazing thing. That’s what makes Trump one of those remarkable politicians. He clearly (however crudely) articulated his vision and has been very successful in implementing it. Some of that policy is very irritating to a large segment of the population, but hey, to the winner goes the spoils.

As 2020 heats up I am watching the Democratic Party roll out the race card, as they have to every single Republican candidate since they lost the Dixiecrat vote when LBJ pushed through civil rights legislation. Once the party lost the south, their strategy changed, since now the south was supporting the Republican Party.

Ironically the old Democratic Party, prior to those LBJ moves, was the party of slavery and Jim Crow. But now Trump is a racist. As Ben Carson has articulated, he would never work with a racist. And Trump’s interest in helping those in the inner city through Carson’s department is inspiring to him.

But Trump just may be the most inarticulate president ever. At least in my lifetime.

I think what we see played out is not racism by him but institutional prejudice, which is still part of our culture. I believe that is waning with each successive generation, but for Trump’s generation, I’m afraid it’s alive and well.

It’s a culture where we believe certain things about other peoples or cultures who are part of America that really is not 100 percent true, but we think it is. And when it’s expressed, innocently and without malice, it’s jumped upon by the PC crowd and it takes on a life of its own.

When someone becomes a politician, they learn quickly how to shape their words to not let that institutional prejudice out of the bag, to not be interpreted by their political enemies in a negative fashion. I don’t think Trump has a racist bone in his body. I think he’s simply a product of his generation and one of the least political-speaking and indelicate presidents we’ve ever had.


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