The Trump administration’s recent announcement of a “great deal for the Palestinians,” “Maybe their last chance for their very own independent state,” cooked up by Jared Kushner with no Palestinian input, is meaningless, and I will tell you why.

I visited Israel in late 2019. Whether in Haifa, Tel Aviv or Jerusalem, I saw no Uzi-armed soldiers and very few police on patrol. Nothing in two huge American-style shopping malls or very busy train stations. Far less than what I saw in Paris three years ago.

Since Bethlehem is in Palestinian left bank territory, I had to go through what the Palestinians call “the apartheid wall” to get there. A very high impressive wall it is — would dwarf Trump’s. Our wonderful Jewish guide told us that since the wall went up, there has been a massive reduction in Palestinian terror attacks on Israeli civilian targets, thus no military presence.

My tour did not take me to any “settlements,” but there is now talk by both Trump and Netanyahu about simply annexing these Palestinian territories to Israel. Again meaningless. The deal was obviously already done when I was there in late 2019 — two-state solution in the toilet. Israel will never allow a Palestinian state. And the apartheid wall will never allow Israeli civilians to be the terrorism targets they were prior to its construction.

There is no solution to the Israeli-Palestinian war — only endless bloodshed and hatred. American support of Israel, no matter what created this situation, created 9/11 and created TSA airport lines. Worth it?


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