After four years of a president being absurdly accused of colluding with Vladimir Putin and then being blamed for a virus that was, some say, released from an area a stone’s throw from a bioweapons lab in Wuhan China, about half of the American people were primed for a propaganda assault on human cognition in the midst of election fraud.

The toxic, manufactured hatred of controlled private citizens to take down an upstart who went against a corrupted status quo is widespread and eclipses any plague that exists or has ever existed in the lifetime of any democracy.

There are no words from any reasonable onlooker that can aptly convey the distaste and disgust that is generated while viewing the calculated last-minute election victory of a state operative on the wings of political malfeasance that will destroy faith in a fair and honest changing of the guard in America forever. What is being witnessed is a political and ideological coup by any other name. Whether or not they get away with it remains to be seen, but the outlook is bleak for our constitutional republic no matter the result in courts, supreme or otherwise.

Trump’s greatest crime against the state was that he wrested control away from intellectuals and elites demonstrating that direct citizen management was not only possible but a vast improvement over state central planning that sticks to failed plans despite the damage to average people and their way of life.

The state acted on several fronts to take Trump out, first with false claims that he was a Russian agent resulting in a sham impeachment. Then, by concocting a national red herring of systemic racism. The state used sports events like the NBA and the NFL as propaganda loudspeakers to spread racist smears against an antagonistic president. Then it used a Chinese pestilence to frame the president for deaths that occurred. Last, it used calibrated, phony polling to suppress the vote. No one with a functioning grasp of reality believes this election is anything but another facet of the plan.

All of this accomplished with the aid of goon platoons of propagandists disguised as journalists. It looks like they are going to pull it off. We can only hope that the president does not take part in handing over the White House to these seditious thieves. Trump should just walk away and let the people respond as they see fit.


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