I, along with millions of Americans, am still shell-shocked following the riot attack on the Capitol Building, endangering the members of Congress.

It is obvious that this attack followed a rally set up by President Trump proclaiming he won the election handily, and that it was taken away from him. My reason for writing this is not to go into the “pros” and “cons” of this because it was proven in many courts that there was no proof substantiating any voter fraud.

Since he has caused so much unrest with his proven lies, and since there are so many who believe them, there will always be the threat of further riots by his followers.

The rumor is that Nancy Pelosi, as head of the House of Representatives, is laying the groundwork to either invoke the 25th Amendment, stripping him of the office of president, or for a second impeachment (Editor’s note: the House did, in fact, impeach the president Wednesday). He is obviously not fit to fill his remaining days and must be removed from office immediately, if for no other reason, than for national security.

However, this will not be reason enough to change the minds of those who are living with his lies. I have a suggested solution for what it is worth.

We need to straighten out the thinking of those who still believe his lies, and there are many. Trump should be given an ultimatum. To finish out his term, he needs to stand up in front of a national TV audience and admit the truth. I see this as the only way to quell the rioters.

As long as they continue to think that Donald Trump was robbed of a second term, they will carry on in some fashion. Trump needs to be a man for once and admit the truth! This should put this to rest and we all can all get on with what is really important — the pandemic.