It can come as no surprise that Donald Trump is a sore loser when, after all, he was such an absurdly sore winner. But it should come as a surprise that the political functionaries of the Republican Party have buttressed his nutty, destructive, self-serving claims.

When Joe McCarthy was finally stopped from his own reckless amoral run at damaging our democracy, the memorable moment came in court when Joseph Welch shook his head and said “Have you at last, sir, no sense of decency?”

The time has long since come to say as much to Trump. He does not have and never will have even a shred of decency but can we dare to hope that the people who signed on for his cult, in particular the ones who have always seen themselves as religious and/or moral, will rediscover theirs? I so wish I saw that happening.

The Republican machine has taken to proudly proclaiming that there are millions of “shy” Trump voters and apparently there are, with good reason. But it is hardly a proud reason — hardly something to brag about. The term should not be “shy”; it should be “ashamed” and the fact that those voters are ashamed tells us all we need to know.

To stand firm behind a narcissistic sociopath who is openly racist, misogynist and Olympically dishonest is just not a good look. It is not a good look for humanity and the “shy” Trump voter clearly knows that much.

If surveys are at all accurate, something like 70 percent to 80 percent of Republican voters truly believe the election was a vast left-wing conspiracy and that states as far-flung as Nevada and Georgia tossed Trump ballots in the sewer and fabricated Biden ballots. Or something like that. If they still believe as much by week’s end, God help us.


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