On Friday, Dec. 18, President Trump held a meeting in the Oval Office. Not to discuss the pandemic. Not to discuss the COVID relief bill being debated in Congress. Not to discuss the massive cyber attack which everyone but the president attributes to Russia. Not to discuss the rollout of the vaccines.

No, it was held to discuss his discredited claim that he lost the election because it was rigged. It was held to discuss how to overturn the election.

Among the remedies, he suggested that Sidney Powell, a lawyer once on his team, be named a special counsel to investigate fraud perpetrated during the election. This is the person who claimed there was an algorithm in voting machines that flipped Trump votes to Biden, who claimed that the whole thing was engineered by foreign leaders including Cesar Chavez, who has been dead for seven years. Even Giuliani balked at this suggestion.

He also discussed having the voting machines in the “suspect” states seized by the Department of Homeland Security and tested for the algorithm that supposedly cost him the election.

Then he entertained an idea from the discredited Michael Flynn that he declare martial law, send the military into the disputed states and have the military conduct new elections.

Martial law, no less! We should remember that every dictator in recent history has declared martial law in order to gain unfettered power.

Section 4 of the 25th Amendment to the Constitution was written to protect us from this kind of dangerously unhinged behavior. It should be put into effect.


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