The actions Derek Chauvin took on May 25, 2020, resulted in the loss of one human life. Video documentation of Chauvin’s actions was devastating to his court case. He was convicted by a jury of his peers and is now in jail.

The actions Donald Trump took on Jan. 6, 2021, resulted in the loss of five human lives. Video documentation of Trump’s actions was devastating to his impeachment case. Senate Trumper-in-chief Mitch McConnell: “There is no doubt — none — that Trump is practically and morally responsible for the events” of Jan. 6.

Trump was acquitted by Senate Republicans, McConnell foremost, and is now enjoying his gilded seaside Mar-a-Lago palace, except when he’s out playing his adjacent private golf course.

Chauvin: one death. Trump: five deaths. Trump, five times guiltier than Chauvin by body count is, unlike Chauvin, free. This is now justice in America.

MLK: “Justice delayed is justice denied.” Will we wait in vain for the justice Trump’s criminality demands?