When he knew we were facing a disaster, the president told us COVID-19 was like the flu. Now after the deaths of 200,000 Americans, the president announces on ABC a new policy for defeating COVID.

The president’s new strategy is to let the virus run rampant throughout the nation until it disappears. He believes that if 65 to 70 percent of us are infected, the virus will go away. This policy was promoted by the new head of the White House COVID-19 Task Force, a radiologist with no public health experience or infectious disease credentials. This policy stresses optional mask wearing, opening schools and colleges to in person classes, and resuming normal businesses operations.

If the disease fatality rate is only 1 percent, we will have a horrific problem. We could lose over 2 million persons.

Americans respond to crisis by doing what is necessary, not by panicking. The greatest generation was led through the Great Depression and World War II by leaders who told them the truth. The firefighters and police who responded to the World Trade Center on 9/11 ran toward the disaster and saved lives.

We need leaders who will level with us when times are hard and give us the information needed to get through the crisis. By avoiding the truth and contradicting the experts, the president has made things worse. I hope and pray that we all think seriously about the next four years, if our president is re-elected.

After serving 39 years in and with the military services, I know what real leadership is, unfortunately our president is not capable of leadership. So I ask you: How many loved ones are you willing to sacrifice for a man who cannot and will not use his power to protect our people.


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