There’s a presidential election coming. The last one was pretty weird for me. Folks saying, “Hey Steve, did you hear the Democrats are ... (insert evil plan here)” ... “Wow! Really? I’ve never heard anything like that.”

Then I’d suggest that folks who exclusively watch Fox News are misinformed on many issues and maybe they shouldn’t listen to Rush Limbaugh ’cause he just makes stuff up.

Now would be a good time to mention my face isn’t that great that it needs to be in a book. I had no idea where all this crazy stuff was coming from until the Mueller report documented 27 million propaganda lies put out by Russians, slandering Hillary, viewed by 130 million Americans. It’s like that Beatles song: “Someone had to count them all.”

Some idiot went and shot up a pizza house. When they asked him why, he said he read online Hillary was running a sex trafficking ring out of the basement. Jokes on him; it didn’t have a basement.

It was sad to watch the Republicans in the House and Senate repeating Russian propaganda during Trump’s impeachment. Seventeen U.S. intelligence agencies say Russia meddled in our election. Trump says Putin told him they didn’t do it. The head of the KGB wouldn’t lie, would he?

The same intelligence agencies told him COVID was coming. He played it down, as they did on Fox. “We’ve only got 15 cases.” “It’s like the flu.” “It’ll go away in the spring.” “The churches will be packed for Easter.” One lie after another.

Trump had a plan on how to deal with a pandemic, drawn up by the Obama administration because of Ebola, given to him. Did he even look at it? Could he have understood what it was? Why has he fired or transferred so many scientists?

We had scientists in China studying how viruses jump species. Their grant went unfunded. Contrary to any crazy conspiracy theories, the lab is there because that’s a place with lots of species interacting with other species, and people.

If the head of the Cheshire County Republicans thinks we’re all being to mean to Trump, maybe she should volunteer to work a week in a meat packing plant. Or maybe tell me what’s the best disinfectant to inject herself with?

We haven’t been hard enough on him: 77,000 dead — probably 80,000+ by the time this gets published. Trump could have prevented this. Fire him.


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