It must by now be clear to even the most addled-brained supporter that Trump is an insatiably destructive man, living in a fantasy world with delusions of grandeur. As such he represents a terrifyingly real threat to the security — indeed the very life — of our nation and its citizens.

Americans who are at peace are dying by the tens of thousands because of the utter and unspeakably monstrous indifference and sociopathy of one man, Donald Trump. Trump may not have caused the virus, but he is personally responsible as POTUS for the sloppy and ineffectual handling of the epidemic in this country by his administration.

He has been the best friend the virus has had, encouraging every scenario in which the virus can thrive at the expense of its human hosts. The fact there may be well over 250,000 deaths from the virus in this country before it is over seems to be of little interest to Trump except as a measure of his self-styled “success” in keeping it that “low.”

As a matter of course, Trump denies any responsibility for any of this, while peddling medieval-style “remedies” for the disease such as shooting up Clorox to kill the virus in one’s body. He is abetted in this work by a completely unrecognizable GOP, which in its better years would have rejected a candidate as manifestly corrupt and incompetent as Donald Trump, but which now shows itself full of cowards and groveling sycophants unable (or unwilling) to assert themselves against their own monster.

Trump is a purveyor of death, ignorance, misery, and cruelty. His own dark sickness feeds on the pain he inflicts upon the lives of others. He knows he is an inferior being for whom history is preparing a special place in the annals of powerful, dysgenic miscreants who were supposed to do great things for their fellow human beings, but instead abused their power for ignoble and selfish purposes.

If the American electorate does not disavow the traitorous, mentally unbalanced, and unfit entity who is currently POTUS this fall, there may well be no chance again. Trump and his scheming compatriots are interested in gaining imperium perpetuum.

Sadly, our democracy has not yet shown itself able (and willing) to protect itself against a truly determined wannabe dictator. There is still time, but it is running out. There are not very many safeguards left.


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