I recently spotted with horror, but not surprise, a bumper sticker reading “F [American flag] CK BIDEN.” A friend told me she’d seen stickers with the flag replaced by a “U.” Trump sympathizers are continually achieving new depths of vulgarity and hatred.

Churchill characterized Hitler as consumed by “soul-destroying hatred.” On Jan. 6, Donald Trump, as president and head of state, succeeded in conveying his Big Lie-fueled, soul-destroying hatred to a mob that thereupon violently attacked American democracy at the U.S. Capitol, resulting in deadly desecration of the most sacred precincts of our federal government.

No other American head of state approaches such abominable treason in our history. Astoundingly, Republicans offered generous support and even praise. As a threat to American democracy, 9/11 pales beside Trump’s Jan. 6 actions.

Republicans, wake up and reject the treason and treachery of Trump and his Big Lie. If Trump takes back the White House with your help, the “great experiment” of American democracy our Founding Fathers initiated in 1776 will end in 2025.

Churchill: “There are no certainties in human life or in the life of states.”



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