Folks can be forgiven for voting for Trump in 2016; 2020, not so much. Since Biden won, Trump signs shout “a narcissistic maniac is preferable to democracy.”

In 2017, Trump proclaimed allegiance to Putin, reporting no conversations, taking Putin’s word on election hacking over U.S. intelligence agencies, tweeting he and Putin would establish a mutual cyber agency to guard against future election hacking.

Since Biden’s win on Nov. 3, Trump and 126 Congresspersons, 17 state attorneys general, “acting” heads of Defense, Justice, etc., inept legal teams and sycophants, have done every despicable act possible to destroy our democratic process and leave the country in tatters.

Dictators take over a democracy by destroying faith in the integrity of the voting process. We have that through the inauguration and worse.

Trump has become a two-note band; the election was stolen, someone’s to blame. Oh, yeah, the Democrats! I’ll get a special prosecutor after Hunter Biden. I don’t have that power? Bill Barr? Nope, he crossed me — his deputy might do it. I can tell the swing-state legislatures to overturn their votes. No?

OK, I can pull troops out of Afghanistan, stop the Pentagon’s cooperation with Biden’s transition and investigate Flynn’s military takeover suggestion to change swing-state votes.

Not enough. The vaccine makes things easier for Biden. Let’s slow down the distribution. Only losers will die. Me and my buds get the good meds. And, quick, I’ll finish the Wall and get those nasty undocumented folks off the census.

I can pardon me and my family, and turn smarmy idiots loose. Wow! These losers are sending me money! Billions! And they don’t read the fine print. Suckers think they are buying Georgia senators. Bwah-haha!

After letting Putin do this huge hack into the whole U.S. cyber-structure, I can build a Trump Tower in Moscow. Better than snooty Palm Beach. Ivanka liked it.

Yeah, I don’t like losing and there might be some court crap, but with Putin and the big bucks, I’m home free, thanks to American suckers! I won’t have to shake hands with those people anymore, or talk about masks!

Trump is a one-man hissy fit with the nuclear codes in his playpen. Please, can we call this a failed experiment and never elect someone like this again.


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