This letter is in response to a statement in the Wednesday, Sept. 22, Sentinel by Peterborough Selectboard member Bill Kennedy.

He told town residents “to direct their anger at the scammers, they’re the perpetrators. They’re the guys who did this to us. We shouldn’t have to suffer horribly because of this situation.”

The situation being the town having lost $2.3 million to scammers this summer.

With all due respect to Mr. Kennedy, I as a town taxpayer, would respond to his statement this way: If the town office had used 1 ounce of care (otherwise known as common sense) in these payments, we would not have lost one penny to these scammers. When the town office was told by one of the entities that they had changed their account, a simple telephone call would have verified this was an error, and no money would have been sent.

I rest my case.

I respect, and would definitely expect, all the care being used now in training and new hires, but it’s a bit like locking the barn door after the horse escapes. Handling this kind of money and being accountable to every town citizen should require extra thought before, rather than after, a “situation.”