The Sentinel reported on a recent Keene GOP picnic rally, featuring two speakers who blasted Biden’s botched Afghanistan exit. They are right about Biden’s exit and wrong about everything else.

Conservatives know they tend to lose free and fair elections in swing states, so they like unfree and unfair. They assault democracy with gerrymandering, targeted voter suppression, cutting polling places, postal service sabotage, fraudulent fake election fraud allegations, and even criminalizing distribution of food and drink to waiting voters.

They promote hate crimes against immigrants, violent white nationalism, Palestinian apartheid, global warming denial, deadly rejection of COVID science, integration of church and state, the return of Jim Crow, reckless tax cuts, flouting the rule of law, public funding of evangelical indoctrination, income inequality, homophobia, mob savagery in Charlottesville and D.C., gun carnage, lethal commercial health care financing, installation of a nonimpartial Supreme Court, reproductive rights Stalinist police states like Texas, and the Trump 2020 Big Lie.

Republicans insist on being conned by the most corrupt and amoral president in American history. Congressional Democrats impeached him for his treasonous acts on Jan. 6 that resulted in the first violence around the transfer of power since the American Revolution.

There’s a saying: “Nobody is above the law.”

Republicans: “Oh yeah?”

So enjoy your hot dogs, Republicans, and ignore the appalling horror the Republican Party has become. Those who died to preserve the democracy you’re destroying, now resting at Arlington, are watching.