The Monadnock United Way has begun its annual fundraising campaign. In recognition of the impact of the pandemic on our region, the campaign goal has been set at $1,277,000.

In recent years we have successfully worked with local nonprofits to form efficient and effective interagency “collectives and alliances.” For example, the Monadnock Alliance for Families includes Rise for baby and family, The River Center in Peterborough, the Grapevine in Antrim, Home Healthcare, Hospice and Community Services and Monadnock Family Services. They serve children, their families, single and teenage mothers through shared staffing and coordinated services.

MUW supports early child-care centers by assisting these centers to use proven practices that have been shown across the country to prepare children for long-term success. MUW provides scholarship funds to these centers to enable families to afford safe and positive learning settings. These centers include the Winchester Learning Center, Keene Day Care Center, the Monadnock Community Early Learning Center, Hillsborough Child Development Center and the Walpole Village School. These services largely support families to participate in the workforce. Prevention and preparing for successful children requires committed funding support, which is a key MUW commitment.

MUW is also working hard to support basic needs, such as hunger and financial stability. Both issues are receiving MUW support, especially in light of the COVID-19 impact. For example, our United Way provides funds for a food pantries collective, including pantries at The Community Kitchen, Troy, Marlborough, Swanzey, Jaffrey and Chesterfield.

MUW is also working with and supporting an emergency housing collective, which includes Hundred Nights Shelter, Southwestern Community Services and the Monadnock Center for Violence Prevention. MUW has provided funds to help individuals pay their utilities costs and rents to prevent homelessness and is supporting these organizations to expand their impact.

The Monadnock United Way helps thousands of our friends and neighbors. We believe that we can do “Better Together” through unified initiatives. I have been a supporter of the Monadnock United Way for 42 years. Your donation and your help are needed.

Please give generously to the Monadnock United through, text MUW to 41444, or send a check to Monadnock United Way, 23 Center St., Keene, NH 03431.


23 Ridgewood


(This writer is a member of the board of directors of Monadnock United Way.)