Article 1, section 8, of our Constitution states that Congress shall have power to provide for the general welfare — not Gov. Sununu, not the CDC and definitely not your employer.

In other words, if enough people really want mask mandates, social distancing markers, vaccine requirements, etc., they should clamor for a congressional bill that would articulate these things clearly. The fact that none of this ever happened strongly suggests that almost everything “we” have been doing since the start of the COVID pandemic has been unconstitutional — that means illegal.

And, indeed, this is a common conversational topic among many Americans as they wonder what exactly is going on around them, whether any of it is legal, and if it’s ever going to stop. We have a president who publicly mocks the Constitution, doing one day what he admitted he was not authorized to do a day before. We are living in a post-Constitutional, enforced disorder — a broken republic. The whims of the powerful have replaced law, and disfigured our country.

To be a conservative now is to be a radical. So many layers of bureaucratic corruption have accumulated that one needs a revolutionary spirit in order to contest it.

Conservatism is based on deeply rooted things, and it will need that kind of strength: for it is the only counterculture left.



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