In reference to a quoted comment in the editorial section recently (“What’s eating you?,” Nov. 3) about having to give our phone number to an employee when we go to a restaurant, the other day my daughter and I went to a local restaurant for lunch. They took just one phone number and no address.

So much pressure/mandated obligations are being put on restaurants it just doesn’t seem right. One other thing that definitely took manpower is there were barriers between each booth. Must say I do like it; cuts down on the noise from the other patrons. I feel sorry for the restaurants, big and small. They are struggling to maintain business and are saddled with so many mandated rules. I must commend them, they are doing it.

We local folks should try and patronize our restaurants and other businesses. It keeps people employed and, let’s face it, helps keep our morale up during this difficult time. Wouldn’t hurt to say thank you to them and perhaps even give bigger tips to the waiters/waitresses.


150 River St.