Somehow, I have resisted putting pen to paper since my last missive. Now, 200 days into Biden’s presidency, some issues remain unsettled.

First off: Trump lost the election fair and square; the problem is in the Donald’s mind and the brainwashed minions who are, at this minute, dropping like flies from COVID vaccination deficit disorder.

Of course, the high and mighty Republican enablers in red states are hard at work strengthening gerrymandered districts and planting poison legislation aimed at “critical race theory,” a perfect soap to remove bloodstains from hands and gowns.

Now generations of haters and Klukluck Klans Klowns are free from making reparations or even apologies for the errors of their ancestors. Freed from reason, these white supremacist racists rely on the myth of the happy slave on the good old plantation, a fallacy that needs to be put to rest once and for all.

With some empathy and close examination comes a realization and acceptance of the old practices as wrong and reprehensible. If you don’t know what that means, ask your 4th-grade teacher or your lawyer; either should be able to explain it at an elementary-school level so you can understand. At one time, you could say just let bygones be bygones, but as the years go by and nothing changes, why wouldn’t people want a change in status quo? (That means things as they were.)

A dry-eyed examination shows that clearly underhanded tactics have been used for centuries to keep people of color (and women in general) out of the corridors of power. (Although change in that respect is limited to mostly white women.)

I say let the marginalized people have a voice and a chance at making it out of the engineered poverty cycle that confounds so many.

Time has come for the people to realize that Trumpism is a Big Lie, a falsehood manufactured by fat cat Republicans; to take America back to whites-only, Jim Crow policies, straight out of the Q-Anon fantasy world that the uneducated masses swallow willingly.

The more the Donald carries on, the more I worry about the sanity of his followers. I pray that the House investigation reveals the real crime of Jan. 6; treason by DJT, pure and simple.

Since his electoral defeat, the complicit Republicans have double-talked their way into a philosophical corner. Spankings may have been avoided, but every action has a result when the ripples come back to rock the boat.



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