Gov. Sununu should establish a state-wide mask ordinance now.

New Hampshire voters have put their trust in Gov. Sununu for another term, so we are relying on him to act now to enforce a statewide mask ordinance to keep our state safe in this pandemic.

We have watched other states, even smaller ones without large population centers, see their COVID-19 numbers soar.

New Hampshire is one of 19 states, and the only one in the Northeast from Minnesota to Maine, that does not require masks. It’s time we did.

Even though there are citizens of New Hampshire who are opposed to wearing a mask, Gov. Sununu must lead the charge of educating people on this topic. The research has evolved on masks and is now quite clear: Masks are proven to be an effective tool in preventing the spread of COVID-19.

Right now, cases are spiking in New Hampshire with no signs of slowing. I urge the governor to immediately mandate mask-wearing statewide. In addition, he should include fines for non-compliance and make sure they are enforced.

Gov. Sununu just won his bid for reelection with the promise of rebuilding a strong post-pandemic economy. He must use his trusted voice to help prevent this recent increase in COVID-19 cases from turning into a full-blown health disaster which will further delay that promise for many. In fact, tragically, many of our citizens may not recover — economically or physically.

If we don’t heed the need for masks, some of us will live free, and die.


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