Discrimination surfaces all too often. It can be intentional or unintentional. It can be against someone who has a disability of some sort or is simply someone different in some noticeable way, such as racial difference.

Lately, there have been many reports of racially laced verbal and physical threats toward persons who are Asian or Asian-American.

Most recently, there was the high-profile murder of eight people in and around Atlanta. Six of these persons were Asian or Asian-American, who worked in Asian-owned businesses. These businesses were deliberately sought out by the killer. (Yet, authorities are not willing to say this was racially motivated.)

Earlier this year, other Asian-Americans either died or were injured by racially motivated assaults in our country. Right now, Asian-Americans throughout our nation, particularly women and elderly Asians, are fearful of stepping out of their homes for fear of being assaulted.

Racial targeting of Asian-Americans is not a new or recent phenomenon in our nation. My parents, my brothers, my sister, my children and I have all experienced our share of rancor toward us because of our race. There have been people who have tried to diminish me as a person based on my race, some deliberately antagonistic and others more subtly.

However, fortunately — and more importantly — there have been other people who have stepped up to stand next to me. So, for those many of you out there willing to be supportive, this is a good time to say and/or do something for someone whom you may know who may be at risk for being racially targeted.

If you have not already done so, consider reaching out to offer your support and let them know you stand with them. It will make a world of difference, no matter how small your action.