This election is critical, so it is decision time. My choice for House in Cheshire District 14, which includes Harrisville, Roxbury, Dublin, Jaffrey, Fitzwilliam and Rindge, is Craig Thompson. Craig, a farmer from Harrisville, understands New Hampshire and will stand up for small businesses.

I trust Craig to approach the opioid crisis positively. He sees arresting people who need treatment as ineffective, a position shared by law enforcement.

New Hampshire housing costs are unreasonably high because of property taxes. The youth leave the state to find affordable housing. Although our state has grown, the population is aging. We are told our economy is booming with the lowest unemployment rate, yet last year 6,000 jobs were lost. How is that booming! Where are the young workers needed to replace retirees and expand this economy?

Craig wants to find a way to reduce property taxes but increase revenues to support our education system. New Hampshire schools have the highest tuition rates in the country. Sending students to other states is a losing proposition. Most do not return because New Hampshire housing costs are so high. Companies cannot find entry-level workers because they have left the state. Craig is determined to find a way to fund education for all. Our future depends on it.

Craig believes New Hampshire should lead the nation in clean and renewable sources of energy, whether it is wind, water, or solar. If fossil fuels are so cheap, why are New Hampshire electrical rates the highest in the country? Past deals guaranteeing perpetual rate hikes was not the answer. Staying on our present course will only continue to raise costs. It seems that every time you connect with a lower-priced competitor, it stops providing energy or only provides a temporary low rate to attract customers.

Vote for a problem solver, vote for Craig Thompson.


123 Crestview Drive