While I was in high school, every night the news broadcast horrible film footage of the Vietnam War. Protests for this war were rampant and many songs on the radio pleaded for the United States government to end our part in this carnage.

Almost 60,000 American names were etched into the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall. Many people just felt like letting out a primal scream because it all was so painful. Yet, far more than three times as many Americans have already died of COVID-19 because this virus was ignored, called a hoax, and perpetually downplayed by our current administration!

The United States, with only 4 percent of the world’s population, accounts for more than one-fifth of COVID-19 deaths. Trump always wanted to be number 1 and his inaction and deliberate cover-up has made the U.S. number 1 in deaths worldwide.

I would ask “Where is the outrage?” and “Where are the songs and protests?,” but I know that so many people are not getting information from credible news sources. Many even believe that this is not that big a deal.

My father is 95 and has lived through the Depression, World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, the Iraq War and many presidencies; but this current administration’s mishandling of this virus is a very big deal to him. He emails daily about how this virus is one of the most life-changing events in our history. It is not a hoax. It is not going away any time soon.

The reason he keeps reporting to his family and friends the accurate numbers of the virus’ progression is because the Trump administration took over from the CDC as the official source of COVID-19 information and is “massaging” the numbers in a political effort to help the GOP. My dad says that we must keep aware of the actual facts and statistics instead of denying them, so that we can deal with this virus with the caution, care and urgency required.

As more Americans suffer the loss of loved ones, they will feel betrayed by their government for not giving them the truth. I don’t know if we will hear protest songs and proper outrage because so much news reporting is tied to political bias. The people in our country will feel like letting out a primal scream as the consequences of this Republican cover-up and inaction become personal and painfully real.


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