I’m writing to voice my agreement with the letters from Fred Parsells (Dec. 28) and Gary Puffer (Jan. 5) regarding the lack of emergency veterinarian services in this area.

A few years ago, on a Saturday afternoon, our cat Ernie was in distress within 30 minutes of receiving treatment at a local clinic. By the time we got home from the clinic (15 minutes) we could see he was in distress, so we called, but the clinic was closed.

I called the vet on call and was told to go to CAVES in Concord. Ernie died in the back seat of my car before we even got to Nelson. I can’t help but think he might have been saved if we could have obtained care sooner. I wonder how many others have been in this situation. I know of at least four other cases similar to ours.

There are some challenges for the vets and staff to be able to provide 24-hour emergency care and I understand that. However the need still remains. It would be great if the Monadnock Economic Development Corp. could work on attracting someone to open a 24-hour clinic for our beloved pets. There must be a way to assess the need and feasibility for a 24-hour emergency veterinarian hospital in the Monadnock Region.

Kind regards,