Re: Joseph Mirzoeff’s letter (“Help yourself out of the COVID confusion”) of Aug. 24.

Once again, a person cries “tyranny” when told to do something he doesn’t want to do. Teens and preteens are expected to spit out words like that when fighting with parents and teachers. But most of us, thank goodness, grow out of that.

Mr. Mirzoeff, do you know what a tyranny is? Look it up. France under Napoleon, Nazi Germany and Cambodia under the Khmer Rouge were all tyrannies. A tyranny isn’t a government that mandates vaccines and face masks in the fight against a deadly virus. If that were true, then Gen. George Washington, who required his soldiers to be vaccinated against smallpox, went to battle to set up a tyranny. But he didn’t. He fought to establish a new republic and wanted — needed — healthy soldiers who could fight with him.

I would love to drive down country roads at 60 mph or faster in my convertible or down interstates at 90 mph or faster. But the government says I can’t and if I’m caught, I must pay. Tyrannical? No. It’s the government telling me that I have no right to put others — people who might be walking or biking along the road or driving in the opposite lane — in danger.

Sound familiar? I’m told to keep to the speed limit to save myself and others from injury and perhaps death. You’re asked to get a vaccine or wear a face mask to keep yourself and others from becoming sick and perhaps dying. Neither action is tyrannical.

By the way, I have been vaccinated — as have my husband, family members, friends, neighbors — and have no regrets. And I will eagerly line up for my booster.



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