Usually I try to ignore any missives from Ray Colburn, our local grumpy old white man. But his letter published Monday, July 13, was a little more than Colburnish than regular.

Colburn didn’t bother to use “dog whistles” while sharing his racist thoughts. He’s concerned that students are being brainwashed to dispossess “white America of its power and influence,” called the eight years Barack Obama was president as a “great sellout of white America,” and reimagined BLM’s goal as “to ethnically cleanse uncooperative middle-class white people.”

Ethnically cleanse? Isn’t that what the white ruling men did with Native Americans? Even in my lifetime, Native American children were sent to boarding schools, taught by white people, were forbidden to use their language and could not dress in their native clothes or follow their traditions.

Dispossessing? Isn’t that what white ruling men did with Native Americans? And in the early and mid-20th century, the U.S. government and corporations took over thousands of small farms — millions of acres — owned by Black families in the South. The Farm Security Administration, created to help small farms after the Depression, denied Black farmers the loans and other benefits it gave to white farmers. As the Black farmers lost their lands, corporations — led by white men — gobbled them up. Oh, and then there’s the Americans of Japanese descent who were dispossessed of their houses, businesses, everything, by a government ruled by white men.

Now this white man, Mr. Colburn, is moaning and groaning about being dispossessed and ethnically cleansed. How powerless he must feel at this point in his life. He’s watching a society as it matures past the idea that only white men can rule, make decisions, teach, heal, pastor, run corporations, be judges, be doctors, be president, and so on. And instead of seeing the maturing of a society as being inclusive, he fears instead that it will be exclusion — exclusion of whites, in particular white males. Maybe he’s worried about karma, or the old adage “what goes around comes around.”

By the way, Mr. Colburn, President Trump is on very friendly business terms with the Chinese, as is his daughter Ivanka. And he’s very friendly with totalitarian rulers that put Hitler to shame. Maybe you should find a new hero.


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