A couple days ago, I set out on my daily journey to water flowers I’d planted at my parents’ grave. Imagine the shock as I approached and realized there were no flowers. Gone. Not mowed down; not picked or pulled out because they were dead. They had been dug up and taken!

I was heartbroken! I looked all around at the cemetery and found nothing. I planted them a good six weeks ago and had been taking care of them daily. Really? What kind of scum does this?

When I got home, I decided to do a little research on the computer. I started with “Grave Robbing.” Very interesting history I must admit, but not appropriate. So, then I tried “Is it Illegal to take flowers from someone’s Grave.” Aha! Now I’ve got something!

Sadly it’s quite common. “Legal Beagle” states: “Unless the flowers are dead and wilted they are a gift to the deceased. They are not your property. You have no rights to them without specific permission.”

Looking further, Quora had this statement from a licensed funeral director: “Yes, at the very least it is theft. If you’re stealing from a dead person, you obviously have zero moral compass and things like ‘laws’ don’t mean that much to you. Unfortunately, the more laws we write, the stupider we get and the less collective common sense we have.”

Thanks Internet. You sure helped hit home on this! My hope: If the saying “What goes around, comes around” is true — you’ll get yours pal! That was my tribute to a wonderful mom and dad ...


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