In The Sentinel report recently about partisanship in the mayoral race, there was no mention of the abilities or competencies or accomplishments of the two candidates. The Sentinel decided not to highlight the candidates for what they would bring to the office, but to instead deflect the discussion, to instead focus on the party support of each candidate.

Both candidates are getting party support. Mitch is just more honest about the assistance he is getting.

In that article, Mitch was honest and forthright about his funding and support. On the other hand, “Though Hansel responded to an initial request for an interview Friday afternoon, he then canceled and subsequently could not be reached.”

With the narrative of partisan involvement in the mayor’s race, why is George Hansel not answering questions about the financial and campaign support he has received from state and local Republicans. From the mayor making committee appointments to the governor making state appointments, George Hansel has obviously benefited from his party connections. He and the mayor decrying partisanship sounds a false alarm.

Does the assistance he has received from Julianna Bergeron — a National Committeewoman for the Republican National Committee count as partisan support? Does continued and ongoing support from former Republican Sen. Tom Eaton count as support? How about the front-page picture of former Sen. Eaton and Marilyn Huston — the current chairwoman of the Cheshire County Republicans — standing at the polls with Hansel signs?

It is disheartening to have The Sentinel shape a partisanship narrative around one candidate and not the other. And to report that George Hansel is not benefiting from partisan politics. And to suggest that he isn’t a product of partisan politics. That he wasn’t chosen and groomed to get elected mayor of the city of Keene.

That’s a false narrative and is unfair to the citizens of Keene. Politics aside, the election should be focused on which of the candidates has shown over and over successful business abilities and ongoing commitment and leadership in Keene. Because the election should be about who has shown — with proven results — the ability to get things done. That would be Mitch Greenwald.


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