Why do leftist academics hate capitalism? They don’t just dislike it; they want to destroy it. The reason typically given is that American capitalism creates inequality, and for a leftist inequality is insufferable. But is it inequality that upsets leftists, or is it something else?

Leftist academics have benefited immensely from capitalism and its inherent inequality. They’ve secured high-paying, safe, sedentary jobs on idyllic college campuses with degrees considered utterly useless in the off-campus real world, where application is more important than theory. When something breaks, the ordinary leftist academic can summon a working-class schmuck to come fix it. What’s there to hate about that?

The problem for the leftist academic is the shining success of liberal capitalism. When liberal capitalism is compared to the leftist heavyweights of Communism, fascism, Nazism (yeah, they’re leftists), Democrat racial segregationists, postmodernism and Critical Race Theory, the leftists have been judged as colossal losers. And that is why they hate capitalism. It exposes them as useless, incompetent frauds peddling toxic ideas, so they plot to replace it and rewrite history.

Today the leftist academics are succeeding in foisting their postmodern ideology of diversity, equity, and inclusion onto the universities, the corporations, and the government. The same people who couldn’t fix the latch on their front door will now be allowed to transform society. They will show us how smart they really are. And when they do, we will all starve because they’ve never known how to build anything, only destroy.