I have been a moderate independent voter since 1970. I vote for the Democrat or Republican candidate whose proposed platforms I feel best serves the people.

I am very disturbed about the changes I have seen in the Republican Party over the past several years and the danger they now represent to our democracy. The Republican Party was once represented by individuals who truly cared about our state and country and not just power. When Republicans disagreed with their Democrat colleagues, it did not become personal, acrimonious or threatening. Mutual respect, open communication and compromise when needed were evident. These approaches are no longer used by many Republicans today.

The Republican Party is morphing into a party of angry extreme obstructionists controlled by an ultra-conservative base that appears to support any means, including violence, to maintain power and force their vision of America on all of us. Sadly, many of the large number of Christians within this base appear to have abandoned the messages of the New Testament Gospels for the “Gospels of Trump.” Due to their narrow focus on banning abortion, they appear willing to ignore or dismiss the bigotry, hatefulness, and callousness of Trump’s influence and policies.

If they were truly “pro life” as they often claim, they would be supporting legislation that provides much-needed assistance to struggling low-income and middle-class families and their children, provides a safe refuge to immigrants escaping violence and poverty, supports family planning, contraceptive and women’s health care services, supports vaccination against COVID, and protects the environment for future generations. Their opposition to these policies proves otherwise.

During the Trump presidency, we saw increases in white supremacy, racial and religious bigotry, support of armed, right-wing militias, spreading of wild conspiracy theories, and an effort to overthrow a legitimate national election that resulted in death and injuries to law enforcement personnel. Yet few Congressional Republicans are willing to publicly stand against these threatening actions from Trump followers and sycophants.

Those who have spoken out have faced a campaign of name-calling, personal threats and political retribution from fellow Republicans. These brave and honorable elected officials should be supported, not condemned. They and others like them are the ones who must save the Republican Party and our democracy before it is too late. Let us hope they do!



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