Much accepted history is false, created by the advantaged few to trumpet their glorious deeds, or to maintain control over the majority population. Sept. 11, 2001, is a glaring example.

The majority of Americans have refused to think for themselves on the subject — they have simply believed what they’ve been told — no matter that the official story crumbles under close inspection.

Evidence and facts matter.

Fact: Steel-framed buildings do not collapse. That’s precisely why they’re built. No steel-framed building has ever collapsed from fire, before or after 9/11. They are so indestructible, the only way to get rid of a redundant steel-framed building is to pay a specialized demolition company to wire the building up with explosives, and blast it down.

The Internet has numerous sites showing buildings being demolished (google: “building demolitions” for videos). Those implosions look exactly like what happened to the World Trade Center buildings on 9/11. That’s because the World Trade Center buildings were demolished by explosives.

How can you tell?

Fact: Explosive residue was found throughout World Trade Center dust. If the buildings fell because of fire, explosives residue should not be there.

And then there’s WTC7. WTC7 was a 52-story skyscraper in the World Trade Center complex — unhit by an aircraft — yet it “collapsed” straight down at free-fall speed, hours after the two other buildings fell. It looked exactly like a controlled demolition.

Fact: It could only have been a controlled demolition.

But, that’s an old crime, you say ... why bother about it now?

Sept. 11 is just one of many crimes perpetrated against the American people in our lifetime. Remember the Cold War, JFK’s assassination, the Vietnam War, two wars in Iraq and the ongoing war in Afghanistan?

Three thousand people died on 9/11. Thousands have died because of 9/11. Honor their memory by finding out for yourself what really happened 18 years ago. Don’t go to your grave unknowing.

(Best beginner book: “New Pearl Harbor,” by David Ray Griffin. Best website:


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