Democracy and science thrive on the open discussion and critical testing of competing ideas.

I fully support the right of any citizen to speak their mind in their own way.

My support ends when people interfere with the rights of others, ignore their oaths of office and attack the Constitution (and by extension the country) they swore to defend.

Anti-Americans through the generations use common techniques.

They lie.

They attack people who enforce the laws, who defend the Constitution and those who support them.

When elected to power, they manipulate the levers of government against political opponents and the interests of the people.

They vilely label opponents. Labels like racist and Nazi. Rich, given their tactics mimic those of the Nazis, their party of choice has an undeniably racist past and today supports immigration and abortion policies that affect poor minorities, particularly blacks, most negatively.

They break nonviolent laws, like blocking roads or entrances to public and private space other people have a right to be.

They turn violent in cowardly ways. Property destruction, attacks from behind in crowds of the like minded against lone and frail individuals. Then in bigger mobs.

All they need to succeed are a passive populous and politicians who abandon their oath of office.

Let’s talk real racism. The idea one race is superior to another and people of the subordinate race must be managed or treated differently because of a perceived inferiority. Anyone, of any race, can be a racist. The idea a minority can’t be racist is just tripe. Real racism is offensive.

Hyperventilating over politically correct speech trivializes real racism. It is action over time that proves intent.

President Trump can be rude and callous. It is a flaw. All our presidents have been flawed, some far worse than President Trump. On policy, he is correct far more than he is wrong. And he has the tenacity to engage opponents on differences in public.

Calling attention to the anti-American faction the Democratic Party promotes was overdue.

I urge people who seek the truth to find and listen to President Trump’s full remarks on this subject and compare his comments and policies while in office against those of the Democrats, who seem to believe they were elected to destroy the very system and ideals that made their election possible.


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