The founders of our nation were careful to tell us that government should be limited to ensure that it does not walk so far in front of the common people that it loses sight of them. Obviously, the results of our last presidential election indicate that the people have lost sight of the government and are questioning the direction it is trying to lead us.

The government had a plan, a candidate and a dictated platform; the people had other ideas. Donald Trump was an unlikely choice, but the people realized a government infested with insular aristocrats, both Republican and Democrat, had forgotten what makes America unique. So, the people repudiated the centrally planned determination made for them by government and went with an imperfect option as an emergency resort to save their nation from a government beyond their control, controlling them in ways the founders never intended.

The government has had many decades to erode the checks and balances in place to protect the people. Since Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society, the iron boot of the state has been crushing the cultural foundations of our society by perverting the will of the people to act as stewards of American exceptionalism. Nothing in our Constitution justifies the use of the government purse to martial education, media and partisan political correctness as propaganda to create discord between disparate groups and incite the notion that the government is a vengeful Lone Ranger to even scores.

The president is a state enemy because he is encouraging citizens to question the state. Telling the government’s synthesized protected classes that they have nothing to lose is like yelling fire at a crowded complaint counter; the deep state can only watch as its bloated bureaucracies are drained away while citizens vote with their feet to escape the government plantation.

There are stark differences between being woke and waking up. Trump believes the collective wisdom of the people surpasses the false superiority of state thought police corrupting the checks and balances to maintain a free republic. Coastal urbanite, Uncle Tom democracies can trick the people into voting away their most important freedoms — it’s a protection racket to preserve power.

The state will not relent; if the Electoral College is an obstacle, it’s attacked. If national sovereignty blocks an influx of Trojan-Horse ideological replacements, the back door is left ajar. Witch trials cannot take away our president — let freedom ring.


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