I recently met state Sen. Tom Sherman, M.D., at an in-person event. Seems impossible after two years of no events.

He will be traveling throughout the state in his quest for the governor position. Particularly young people, as well as their parents, need to get to his events and ask him about the high cost impact on students for higher education.

When I asked Tom about the high cost of higher education here in New Hampshire for our students, he talked about starting career education in high school and those who want to continue higher education can do that in increments going forward. He only spoke of medical training. He did not answer to the high interest rates and profits for students going to college and what can be done about that problem.

Please attend events and ask about this outrageous debt straddling our young people who pursue more education. Also, ask what can be done to stop the million-dollar-a-year salaries for those at the top of the education administration while still being able to maintain quality education in our colleges. These high salaries are being strapped to our students, as well.



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