The cool thing about living in Keene is you can go from the city to the forest in 10 minutes. I get up, get in my car, and in 10 minutes I’m at Goose Pond.

I live in a neighborhood like neighborhoods all across the country, but in New Hampshire, I can change my environment with a 10-minute drive.

I was walking around Goose Pond one morning when I thought how nice it would be to be out on the water. My son has kayaks, so that obstacle was solved, but carrying a kayak from the parking area to the pond would definitely be a drag.

Then one morning I saw a fellow in the parking area with kayaks who had a device I didn’t know existed called a kayak carrier. It’s a frame thingee with wheels, so you can pull the kayak like a golf cart. It’s no more strenuous than taking out the trash.

Ten minutes to get to Goose Pond, 20 minutes to get the equipment to the pond. In the water, 15 minutes to paddle to the middle of the pond, and half an hour of meditating on the trees, water and sky, and 15 minutes back to land. Two hours you’re back in your driveway.

To have that kind of total experience in that short a time is, like I say, the cool thing about living in Keene.


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