I continue to read with a mix of frustration, humor and anger what I believe is the obvious in-your-face censorship and bias by much of mainstream and social media. No doubt, the recent assault on our nation’s Capitol was heinous and all those who violently breached the building should be arrested and fully prosecuted. But here’s where the reporting hypocrisy begins.

If only mainstream media was consistent enough to have denounced the violence from mostly BLM and Antifa supporters (both questionable Marxist organizations) that has taken place across our country for eight months with the same level of condemnation as they have for the Capitol Building attack. Violence is violence and MLK warned and preached against it all his life.

The volume of physical damage that took place at the Capitol was totally insignificant when compared to the looting, burning, rioting and overall violence that happened over the last eight months and continues. Yet, our media was and continues to be largely mum about the last eight months and frequently describes it as “mostly peaceful protests.” Really? I think not.

Biden waited in his basement over 90 days before saying a word about it while Kamala spurred it on, donating to a fund to bail out violent protesters in Minnesota. Wow! Now, finally we see the headlines we should have been seeing all summer, that accurately describe what happened at the Capitol with words like rioters, thugs and criminals. Why? Simple, they were mostly Trump supporters.

Believe me, I think Trump’s behavior over the last several months has been terrible and inexcusable at times.

Social media is ramping up their censorship of content and will be more emboldened following the election results as these amazingly powerful and politically influential platforms snuff out what they don’t want you to know. Look what just happened to Parler. Cancelled. This is akin to how the CCP controls the narrative in China.

There’s plenty of blame to go around for the division in our country. Add Trump’s personal behavior to the Democrats accomplishing nothing for four years except hunt him down, then throw in a healthy dose of biased media and you’ll get division. Our Constitution requires a free press, though I fear that may be in jeopardy. The aggressive attack on our most basic right to free speech without persecution is also seriously in jeopardy and by far the most alarming issue to me.

Cancel culture … very, very scary.