It is interesting to read letters in The Sentinel from anti-vaxxers claiming there have been “many deaths” after people have received the COVID vaccine and the shots are “dangerous.”

The truth is less dramatic, but facts often have a hard job displacing deeply held feelings.

As of Aug. 20, according to Bloomberg’s COVID-19 Tracker, 361 million doses of the vaccines have been administered. During that time, VAERS (the Vaccine Adverse Reporting System run by the CDC) had received 6,789 reports of deaths among people who received a COVID vaccine. But the VAERS system simply reports all deaths, including those from any source (many, if not most, of those deaths were among the frail and elderly, some of whom had end-of-life pre-conditions.)

But even taking the total number of deaths (6,789) that represents a .0019 percent mortality possibility. The fact is, you have a greater likelihood of getting hit by lightning than dying of a COVID vaccination.

On the other hand, with the delta variant, hospitals and ICUs in the Deep South and other conservative areas with low vaccination rates are full to overflowing. Ambulances in Mobile and other cities in Alabama have stopped taking people to hospitals, according to Forbes, because they are full of COVID patients.

Why anyone with a passing understanding of probability function would choose to roll the dice and not get vaccinated is hard to fathom.



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