Sometimes, not often enough, I don’t take time to see the kindheartedness in people who do little things to bring cheer into our ordinary lives. These days reading a critical letter to a newspaper editor or hearing of daunting news in the audio or video media prompts me to think we’re undeniably preoccupied in these challenging times.

These concerns have always been with us and regretfully always will be. And yet, I tend to forget the random acts of kindness bestowed on us by those who have taken time to make our lives a bit happier. It may not mean much to others, but it means the world to me.

So I extend my warmest thanks to copy editor Kevin Pearson and The Sentinel for running my “Elgin Cadogan’s Litany of Unique and Sundry Wizards” online poetry series during these past 13 weeks.

Over the years, The Sentinel has given me the opportunity to share my work with the community. Whether it was poetry or prose, The Sentinel has always been most supportive and accommodating. And for all these, I’ll be especially grateful.