This is a letter of thanks to Margaret Sharra, and the town of Winchester Public Works Department for their quick and friendly response to a horrific mess left in my gladioli beds on my front lawn by the employees of Eversource.

Severe storms took out power on my road at 10 p.m. Sunday. Power was restored six hours later … a tree on a nearby property had been struck and had fallen into the power lines. During the restoration of power, for reasons that will elude me until the day I die, these Eversource employees decided to dump the full top of that tree into my front yard, and more specifically, into the middle of my 300 gladioli plants.

They chainsawed the top of the tree off across the road, and then dragged it to my yard and threw it into the midst of my highly visible glads.

Eversource directed me to the town officials. They insisted the town had to request a clean up.

Within 20 minutes of my call to (town Land-Use Administrator) Margaret Sharra, two cheerful and friendly town employees showed up and began clearing my property of this mess. It took three truckloads — two of which came from my gladioli beds — to fully remove the debris.

Of course, nothing could be done about my destroyed gladioli bed. Over 90 plants in the center of the bed, some of which could have produced two or more blossoms, were broken off and dying.

I cannot thank these town employees and Ms. Sharra enough. Despite the blundering brutish disregard of Eversource, I am glad to live in a town where there is a rapid and friendly response to a mess created by a public utility. Thank you all again.


260 Old Westport Road